SEO: A Deep Dive

Aug 05, 2021

SEO has evolved into one of the key aspects to online marketing success. At one point SEO involved keyword stuffing, meta tags & a few backlinks the you’d wait for a several weeks and now you’re all set in terms of organic. Today, it’s hardly that simple.

If we truly want to understand how and why SEO has evolved so much—we also need to understand the way Google looks at their search platform.

Evolution Of SEO

In 2017, Google performed 45,000 search experiments and a major shift in the SEO world happened. This is largely because of how Google started to look at the way users search for content. Google’s goal is to provide a great user experience for every user each time they are searching.

Google already has the data so they know how many clicks are expected for each term relative to their rankings. This means, the pages which rank high in the results should also provide a great user experience. Meaning the user found exactly what they searched for each time.

Before 2017, humans at Google were tasked with figuring out what factors affect ranking in order to provide great user experience. Today, this is all done in real time using machine learning.

We know that the main factors like keywords, tags, great content and backlinks are still a major factor in achieving top rankings. Also from my own experience, I know that at one point you will eventually flatline your organic traffic even if your Backlinks continues to grow. This means that now other factors are also required.

If you haven’t performed a SEO Audit in the past 2 years, you need to do it now!


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